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Critical Illness Insurance

If you’re diagnosed with a critical illness like cancer, a critical illness policy can provide peace of mind so you can focus on your recovery without worrying about finances.


Disability Insurance

Your most valuable asset isn’t your home or your car. It is your ability to earn an income. Disability insurance helps protect just that if an illness or injury prevents you from working.


Health Insurance

Protecting your family and/or business with personal or group health insurance benefits.


Life Insurance/Mortgage Insurance

Whether you need protection for your mortgage or your life, we have insurance available.


Quick Issue Life Insurance (No Medical)

Have you had trouble getting life insurance, been declined, been taking medications, or have a medical condition? Then this insurance might be for you!


Travel Insurance

Get coverage for medical expenses while traveling with flexible annual plans, short-term plans, short-term visitors to Canada, and on-trip cancellations.



Get the best of both worlds by working with us to set up sound investment plans that work for you. Segregated funds, Guaranteed investment accounts, Tax-Free Savings Account, RRSP, RRIF, Locked in pension accounts. Let us help to protect your investments, estate, and your beneficiaries.